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B_Boheme is Likely a Fully Vegan Brand

Founded in 2005 by designer, qualified podiatrist and committed vegan, Alicia Lai, B_Boheme (formerly known as Bourgeois Boheme) is a fully vegan brand. B_Boheme claims to only use vegan materials in their shoes (including the glues). Although they do not currently have any certification to independently verify these claims, it is built into the ethos and mission of the brand.

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Brand Highlights

From using sustainable packaging, to bio-degradable glitter and closely sourced plant-based leathers, B_Boheme is among the most sustainable and eco-friendly vegan shoe companies around. Here are some notable aspects of this brand and their footwear:

  • Pioneer in vegan footwear
  • Founded by a qualified podiatrist
  • Eco-friendly shipping materials
  • Made with fair labour
  • Highly sustainable
  • Men's line in the works
  • Use innovative materials
  • High-end price point
  • Limited production
  • Promotes slow fashion
  • Modern, trendy style
  • Designed in London
  • Handsewn in Portugal
  • Formerly known as Bourgeois Boheme

About B_Boheme

One of the pioneers in vegan footwear, B_Boheme has been around since 2005, and has never settled - they're constantly evolving their style, and the eco-friendliness of their catalogue.

Are B_Boheme shoes sustainable/eco-friendly?

B_Boheme is committed to making their shoes as eco-friendly as possible. They make it their mission to work with the best materials, and are always looking for ways to improve. Each model of shoe they make is composed entirely of natural materials, bio-polymers, recycled and biodegradable materials.

What about their shoe packaging, is it sustainable/eco-friendly?

Big time. B_Boheme ships their shoes wrapped in 100% recycled tissue paper, a certified organic cotton dust bag, and a recycled cardboard box.

What are some other aspects that make them sustainable?

B_Boheme focuses on 'slow fashion', and are considered pioneers in that movement. Their shoes are available only by pre-order, specifically for the purpose of reducing production waste.

What materials does B_Boheme use in its shoes?

Although each shoe varies in its composition, they are typically made up of such materials as cereal-based bio-polyoils, tree pulp viscose, recycled plastic bottles, and recycled textiles. Some models feature natural latex linings and recycled thunit, cork or rubber soles. For more information on the specific composition of each shoe, check its listing on their website, where the composition is specifically broken down so that you know exactly what you're buying.

Where can I buy B_Boheme shoes?

Currently, B_Boheme shoes and boots are only available by limited pre-order through their website. There is still some stock on Amazon and among other online retailers from their older lines.

Do B_Boheme shoes ever go on sale?

B_Boheme shoes typically don't go on sale, as they're made for pre-order only. At the time of writing, they are offering a 30£ voucher from their Facebook page to those who complete a survey about what to include in their forthcoming men's line (voucher redeemable for said men's line).

What should I do with my worn out B_Boheme shoes?

We've asked B_Boheme what the end-of-life plans are for their shoes, and are currently awaiting reply.

Are B_Boheme shoes made under fair working conditions?

Very much so! Being handcrafted in Portugal, B_Boheme factory workers are protected by the labour laws of the European Union, which also includes strong health and safety regulations. Founder Alicia Lai also selected a factory that aligns with exacting ethical standards.

Where can I learn more?

You can check out their website, or, check out an interview we conducted with their Founder, Alicia Lai, way back in 2017.

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Types Of Shoes Made By B_Boheme

B_Boheme offers a catalogue of limited-edition, pre-order luxury shoes and boots in a modern, trendy style. They currently cater to the female aesthetic, but are in the process of developing a men's line. Their current catalogue includes:

  • Chunky sneakers
  • Ballerina flats
  • Chelsea boots