Bego Vegan Pineapple and grape leather boots

Bego is Likely a Fully Vegan Brand

Bego claims to be a vegan, sustainable and ethical brand. Although they do not currently advertise any certification to verify their vegan status (we are waiting for a response from them regarding whether or not they are in the process of becoming certified), avoiding animal-derived materials is clearly built into the ethos and mission of the brand.

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Brand Highlights

Made using some recycled and innovative materials, Bego was founded because of designer Audrée Lacombe-Pruneau's combined love for fashion and her desire to make a difference in the world. Here are some things that stand out to us about this brand:

  • Female founded
  • Clean, modern designs
  • Use innovative plant leather
  • Water-resistant
  • Recycled rubber in soles
  • Canadian brand
  • Generous sales available
  • Slip-resistant soles

About Bego Vegan Footwear

Bego is a Canadian footwear brand that is taking the bold initiative to use the latest and greatest vegan leathers to make trendy, modern footwear for women.

Are Bego boots and sandals eco-friendly/sustainable?

Bego shoes are fairly eco-friendly due to the fact that they use recycled materials (such as recycled rubber in their soles) and plant leather for their upper materials (such as pineapple and grape leather). Although fruit leathers are much more sustainable than animal leather, and virgin plastics, they typically do not degrade outside of controlled industrial conditions due to the plastics (bio-based or otherwise) added to them.

Are Bego boots and sandals intentionally vegan?

Bego appears to be an intentionally vegan brand, rather than one that uses vegan materials out of convenience, or for other reasons (their full brand name is "Bego Vegan Label").

Does Bego use green shipping methods?

It's unclear from their website if Bego uses net-zero or negative emissions shipping partners, either domestically or internationally. We have asked them for clarification and are currently awaiting reply.

Does Bego use eco-friendly packaging?

It's unclear from their website if Bego uses recycled, recyclable, compostable, or other forms of eco-friendly and sustainable packaging. We have asked them for details regarding the materials they use for packaging, and are currently awaiting reply.

Are Bego boots and sandals recyclable or compostable?

It’s unclear from the information available on their website if Bego’s shoes are recyclable or compostable. We have asked for clarification from the Bego team and are currently awaiting reply. Pineapple and grape leather are said to be biodegradable, but only in certain conditions.

How should I dispose of my worn out Bego footwear?

We have asked the Bego team if they currently have, or are developing, a shoe recycling program, and are awaiting reply. In the meantime, we recommend donating them to someone in need, or taking them to a clothing recycling depot (if available in your city), which can strip them down to their recyclable components.

Where can I buy Bego boots and sandals?

Aside from their website, Bego shoes can be purchased from online retailer Wolf and Badger.

Does Bego footwear ever go on sale?

Yes! There is a "Sale" section on their website.

What materials are used to make Bego shoes?

Bego uses fruit leather (as of now either pineapple or grape leather) for the uppers of their boots and sandals. Their lining is typically made with microfibre or a faux-fur lining, and they use recycled rubber for the soles). They have informed us that even their glues are "100% vegan".

Is Bego footwear ethically made?

Bego's shoes are made in Asia, and it's difficult as an outside, non-certifying party to verify as to whether or not Bego ensures its factory enforces all international and local labour laws to provide a safe and fair working environment for their workers.

Does Bego promote ‘slow fashion’ or a ‘circular economy’?

Bego appears to employ some elements of a circular economy, such as using increasingly sustainable and high-quality materials. One area in which they could improve is by using a 'made-to-order' production system, which could cut down on production waste.

Is Bego a charitable company?

We have asked the Bego team about any charitable initiatives they're involved with (if any), and are currently awaiting reply, as there is no such information available on their website.

Does Bego have a female leadership presence?

Yes! Bego was founded by female designer Audrée Lacombe-Pruneau.

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Bego Product Range

Bego currently makes a limited but tasteful range of boots and sandals for women, largely in black and white, with their signature chunky soles. They also make a small line of accessories.

  • Chunky wedge boots
  • Chunky ankle boots
  • Platform booties
  • Belts
  • Chunky strapped sandals
  • Slides
  • Open toe heeled sandals