Bleed Clothing Vegan Winter Sneakers

Bleed is Clothing is Likely a Fully Vegan Brand

Bleed Clothing claims that there are no products of animal origin in the production chain of their shoes, jackets, and other products, including in the adhesives, solvents, softeners or dyes used. Although they do not currently have any certification to verify these claims, veganism appears to be built into the ethos and mission of the brand.

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Brand Highlights

Founded in 2008 by design school grad Michael Spitzbarth, Bleed Clothing is one of the most transparent shoe and clothing companies we've seen with regard to sharing information about their sustainability efforts, and motivation for leaving out animal-based materials.

  • Intentionally vegan
  • Use 'green' shipping
  • Offset carbon emissions
  • Recycle their jackets
  • Free of harsh chemicals
  • Based in Germany
  • Occasional discounts
  • Use recycled materials
  • Minimal waste packaging
  • Unisex sneakers
  • Vegan winter coats and shoes
  • Made in Europe and China

About Bleed Clothing

Bleed Clothing's mission is, "To inspire a sustainable lifestyle that excites and easily integrates into our daily life." They certainly have achieved this, as their aesthetically pleasing vegan and fair-made outerwear and footwear is offered at a reasonable price, with minimal impact to the environment.

Is Bleed Clothing intentionally vegan?

Bleed Clothing appears to be an intentionally vegan clothing, jacket, sneaker and accessory brand, rather than one that uses vegan materials out of convenience, or for other reasons. On their website, there is plenty of information available about how they are opposed to the suffering caused to animals by the fashion industry.

Are Bleed Clothing shoes and jackets eco-friendly/sustainable?

From choosing recycled and natural materials, to cleaning their water in their in-house treatment plants before it flows back into the water cycle, Bleed Clothing takes eco-friendliness very seriously. They even has an end-of-life plan for their Sympatex Jackets, which are recyclable through the wear2wear programme. It's also worth noting that Bleed Clothing is one of the most transparent companies we've seen yet in terms of documenting their sustainability efforts, and environmental cost of production.

Does Bleed Clothing use green shipping methods?

Yes! Refreshingly, Bleed Clothing uses climate neutral shipping through DHL GoGreen (who guarantees carbon-neutral carriage for their outward shipments). They also claim to completely offset the CO2 emissions resulting from inbound transportation with ClimatePartner.

Does Bleed Clothing use eco-friendly packaging?

Bleed Clothing employs a minimal-waste philosophy for their packaging materials. They also don't include "any plastic garbage" in their packaging.

Are Bleed Clothing jackets and shoes recyclable or biodegradable?

Bleed Clothing's Sympatex jackets are recyclable through the wear2wear programme. We have asked the Bleed team what the end-of-life plan is for the rest of the clothing and footwear, and are currently awaiting reply.

What materials are used to make Bleed Clothing shoes and jackets?

Bleed Clothing uses a combination of the following products to make their shoes, winter jackets, vests and other clothing and accessories: organic cotton; cork; TENCEL®; hemp; linen; recycled polyester; Jacroki®; Kapok; and ECONYL®. The material they use for down-replacement in their winter jackets is PrimaLoft® Black insulation, which is made from 100% recycled PES.

Where can I buy Bleed Clothing shoes and jackets?

For the time being it looks like Bleed Clothing shoes, jackets and other clothing and accessories can only be purchased from their website. We've asked if they have plans to work with retailers and are currently awaiting reply.

Do Bleed Clothing shoes or jackets ever go on sale?

Bleed occasionally offers generous discounts on some of their products (~%25), which can be seen by visiting their website. Upon signing up to their newsletter, Bleed will also send you a 5 € voucher.

Does Bleed Clothing promote ‘slow fashion’ or a ‘circular economy’?

Bleed Clothing appears to employ some elements of a circular economy, such as using increasingly sustainable and high-quality materials; recycling their clothing and materials where possible; using carbon neutral shipping; and employing certified fair labour. One area in which they could improve is by using a 'made-to-order' production system, which could cut down on production waste.

Are Bleed Clothing shoes and coats ethically made?

Bleed Clothing claims to have have specific contracts with their manufacturing and material firms that oblige them to Bleed's values of fair labour. They also claim that all of the companies are visited and evaluated directly by Bleed or by independent testing commissions. 88% of Bleed's production takes place in Europe (wherein workers are protected by the strong labour laws of the EU). Bleed says that the other 12% of their manufacturing is done by a small company in China that is Fair Wear and GOTS certified.

Is Bleed Clothing a charitable brand?

Bleed Clothing claims to completely offset the CO2 emissions resulting from their inbound transportation through a partnership with ClimatePartner. Bleed also releases collaboration t-shirts with organizations they believe in, such as Liquid Surf, PETA, flustix and Surfrider.

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Bleed Clothing Product Range

Coming in at an upper-mid range price point, Bleed Clothing makes a wide range of casual yet functional clothing, footwear and accessories for men and women. Aesthetically, their current range makes use mainly of earth tones, and is designed for those who spend a lot of time outdoors, in the warm or in the cold.

  • Mid-rise sneakers
  • Low-top sneakers
  • Thermal mid-rise sneakers
  • Jeans
  • Pants
  • Winter jackets
  • Long sleeve shirts
  • Shorts
  • Button-up shirts
  • Blouses
  • T-shirts
  • Parkas
  • Sweaters
  • Hoodies
  • Knitwear
  • Swim suits
  • Cork insoles
  • Winter gloves