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Top Vegan & Cruelty-Free Shoe Brands

fully vegan women’s boot brand

ethically produced, ethically vegan, environmentally-focused luxury, cruelty-free women’s footwear

Australian-based boots, shoes, sandals, hats and accessories made from up-cycled truck canvas tarps

ethically produced men’s and women’s vegan dress shoes, boots and casual shoes

About Us

We do the legwork

As a vegan it can be difficult, check that, demanding, to find everyday items such as shoes and toothpaste that you can actually be confident are vegan-friendly.

Sales staff, and even store management, don’t always know what’s in the products they sell, and an item’s list of materials or ingredients will often fall short of providing the whole story. Instead, this knowledge is buried somewhere in the supply chain.

At Get it Vegan, we do all of this legwork for you; we contact companies directly to do the digging on all the items we list, so you don’t have to.

  • Since 2015, we’ve been working to create a place where you can find any type of shoe, and have the confidence that it’s fully vegan.

  • Our store, blog posts, and brand profiles are designed to make finding these items as easy as possible.

  • We’ll use the information we have to transparently tell you if a company’s shoes are:
    • Fully vegan (active/current certification)
    • Likely fully vegan (no currently certified, but assures us their shoes are vegan)
    • Possibly vegan (can’t tell us with certainty)
    • Hazy (messing is inconsistent and not trustworthy)

Our “Vegan Shoes Cheat Sheet”

We have a database of over 600 footwear companies, showing which are fully vegan, which are kind of vegan, and which to avoid.

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