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Shop vegan and cruelty free men's accessories. All of these belts, wallets, and different kinds of bags are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

What is a “Vegan” Men’s Accessory?

A vegan men’s accessory is a fashionable utility accessory, such as a belt, bag, iPad case or wallet, that’s made from cruelty-free, non animal-derived materials. Unlike their non-vegan counterparts, vegan accessories don't require animals to non-voluntarily donate their skins for the purpose of making these items.

What materials are used?

In place of leather, suede, python, ostrich or crocodile skin, for example, men’s vegan accessories can be made from a wide-variety of materials that are considered cruelty-free and animal-friendly, including (but not limited to):

  • Hemp
  • Acrylic
  • Wood
  • Cork
  • Aluminum
  • Bamboo
  • Jute
  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Linen
  • Cotton
  • Tyvek
  • MuSkin (mushroom-based ‘leathery’ material)
  • Faux Suede or “Suedette”
  • Faux Leather (sometimes known as “Leatherette” or “Pleather”)
  • Up-cycled materials such as seat belts, plastic bottles, cement bags, and virtually anything you can imagine

Please Note: "Faux" leather can be made from many different polymers and fibers, such as PVC, microfibre, recycled plastic, recycled polyester, degradable polyurethane and many others.

Why buy a men’s accessory that’s vegan?

When you look into the materials used to make everyday items, such as messenger bags, belts, briefcases, shoes and wallets, you’ll find that the materials used to make these items are often derived from disturbingly cruel methods. It comes down to this: when you buy a vegan-friendly accessory, you’re buying an animal-friendly accessory.

Does buying one bag or belt that’s vegan really make a difference?

Yes! And here’s how it works; let’s say you buy a wallet made from up-cycled coffee bean bags, and you show it off to your buddies. They think it’s cool, and a few of them buy similar ones. This cycle repeats (just think of the current funky socks trend). You’ve now started a vegan movement within your personal sphere of influence, possibly without even knowing it. Buying these items tells retailers to sell them, which tells distributors to stock them, which tells manufacturers to make them, which tells designers to design them. In other words, demand fuels supply.

Are vegan accessories expensive?

It really depends on the item. Vegan messenger bags, belts, backpacks and wallets, just like their non-vegan counterparts, are designed, produced and sold by different designers, brands and stores, and can be made from a diverse range of materials. The prices of these items can vary accordingly.

Should I get rid of non-vegan accessories that I already own?

This is as as hotly a debated topic as any within the vegansphere. In our opinion, it’s up to you to decide. Many people see it as wasteful, expensive, and quite honestly impractical to just get rid of every non-vegan thing they own all at once. For example, if you have 6 designer wool suits, are you going to get rid of them and spend $3,500 on new ones right away, or just get vegan alternatives next time you need business wear? We're not saying that's wouldn't be an option for you, but for some people it's not. Here are some ethically sound potential options if you're wondering about what to do with your non-vegan stock:

  • Sell and donate the money to an animal-related cause
  • Sell and use the money to replace what you can
  • Wait until you need a new item, and use that as an opportunity to buy an animal-friendly one
  • Give items away to friends and family, or to a worthy cause

Please Note: Try to avoid simply throwing items out, unless they are in utter disrepair, as that would be wasteful.

What companies make vegan men’s accessories?

There are 2 types of companies that make vegan accessories for men; companies whose main products are made from leather, suede and other animal-derived materials, but include vegan items to broaden their marketing reach. Then there are companies that exclusively make vegan accessories, for ethical, sustainability, business or other possible reasons. Some companies whose accessories are entirely vegan include:

  • Alchemy Goods
  • Truth
  • Corkor
  • M.R.K.T.
  • Matt & Nat
  • AB Aeterno
  • The Vegan Collection
  • Dosh
  • Tokyo Bags
  • Jaan J.

How do you choose which companies to list?

We keep a growing list of companies that we find by way of social media, word of mouth, by old-fashioned Googleing and by other means, whose entire catalogue of men’s accessories seems to be made from animal-friendly materials. We contact these companies to check that they don’t use any animal-derived materials in the making of their products. If we’re convinced they’re vegan-friendly, and their items are listed on Amazon, then we display them here for your convenience.

Do you list vegan accessories from non-vegan companies?

We think it’s great that more and more non-vegan companies are adding cruelty-free products to their catalogue. However, when we contact some of these companies, we often have a hard time getting straight answers from them with regard to which of their products are 100% free of animal-derived materials, and which aren’t. We need to have complete confidence that what we list here for you is vegan, so when we don’t get straight answers, we don’t list products. We also want to be careful about sending you and our other visitors to a company’s Amazon storefront with the impression that all of their similar products are vegan, just because the ones we listed are.

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