Women's Totes

Shopping for a vegan tote bag is easy when you know that it's actually vegan. We've contacted all of the companies that make the totes below to ensure they are free of any animal-derived materials and by-products.

Women's Totes

What is a “tote” bag?

A tote bag is a large, and often unfastened, two-handled shoulder bag that’s used to carry a wide variety of items, especially while shopping or traveling. These bags are used by men and women to “tote” around anything from beach towels, to a change of clothes, to groceries.

Why buy a tote that’s vegan?

In addition to staying true to your principles, you're essentially voting with your dollars, which is actually a form of animal activism!

Here’s how it works; by purchasing vegan accessories, you’re telling manufacturers and designers that there’s a market for animal-friendly products, and that people will buy them. Revenue coming in from these products will help support the product line, so more of them can be made.

This also works two ways; more vegan products leaving the shelf, means less animal-derived products being bought. This tells companies that the market for them is shrinking, and the market for cruelty-free products is growing.

What materials are used?

The lining for vegan totes is often made of an animal-friendly textile, such as cotton, nylon or a variety of others. The exteriors can be made out of several vegan materials. These materials often include (but not limited to):

Please Note: Many companies use recycled plastic to make vegan/faux leather

Are vegan totes expensive?

Short answer, no. Long answer, it depends on the tote. Just like their non-vegan counterparts, vegan totes come from different designers, from different brands, and can be made from a wide variety of materials. Just like totes that use animal-derived materials, the prices of vegan totes can can fluctuate drastically.

What companies make them?

Companies that make great vegan totes include:

How do you choose what companies to list?

Basically, we scour the webs for companies that make vegan totes. We then contact those companies to double-check that they don’t use any animal-derived materials in the production of the totes. We then check to see if they sell their totes on Amazon; if they assure us their products are vegan-friendly and they sell on Amazon, we list them.

...For companies that make vegan totes

If you or your company makes vegan totes, shoulder bags, or  vegan products of absolutely any kind for that matter, we’d love to feature your product on our site, for free! Contact us at  - info(at)getitvegan(dot)com - to get the ball rolling!