Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the common queries we get when people reach out to us. Don’t see something on here that you’re wondering about? Get in touch with us at info (@)

Q: Do you simply rely on PETA certification to see if an item is ‘vegan’?

Heck no! While it is a good indicator of a company’s attitude towards being vegan-friendly, we contact every company directly and ask them if their products contain animal-derived ingredients or materials, and if those ingredients/materials have been tested on animals.

Q: What if they are lying about being vegan-friendly?

Since we’re not able to conduct surprise on-site inspections of every company’s manufacturing facilities, we have to take their word for it. The truth would come out eventually, and a company would face a public relations nightmare if they chose to deceive various suppliers and consumers about such practices.

Q: Do you take info found on a company’s website into consideration?

Yes. If a company proudly displays that they are 100% vegan, that’s pretty cool in our books. We still will ask if we don’t see all of the information we need, such as if their adhesives and such are made of animal by-products.

Q: What currency are prices displayed in?

The prices displayed for products on our site is in USD (U.S. Dollars), unless specified otherwise.