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Shop vegan and cruelty-free lip balm. Take proper care of your soup coolers with the peace of mind knowing that all products in our store are 100% free of animal-derived materials, ingredients, by-products and testing.

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What is vegan and cruelty-free lip balm?

The term “vegan” with regard to lip balm, refers to products that do not contain animal or insect-derived or sourced ingredients. The term “cruelty-free” means a product and its ingredients aren’t tested on animals. However, those that are both vegan and cruelty-free don’t have any animal/insect derived or sourced ingredients, and none of the ingredients are tested on animals.

What animal & insect ingredients are found in lip balm?

Non-vegan lip balms often contain one or more of the following ingredients, typically used to moisturize, or give the lip balm a specific texture:

  • Beewsax (“cera alba” or “cera lava”)
  • Shark liver oil (“Squalene”)
  • Sheep wool grease (“lanolin”)

Without these animal ingredients, won’t the products not work?

Plant-based ingredients, such as coconut oil and candelilla wax, can be used just as, if not more effectively as moisturizers and thickeners than insect and animal-derived and sourced ingredients. 

What companies make vegan/cruelty-free lip balm?

Not a lot unfortunately; many companies that otherwise make many vegan and cruelty-free products use beeswax in their lip balms. However, there are a few companies out there making 100% vegan and cruelty-free lip balms, including:

  • Axiology
  • Hurraw!
  • Booda Organics

Please Note: We are currently contacting over 700 companies personally to find out their animal ingredient and testing policies; we will update this list as we get more information.

How does buying vegan lip balm make a difference for the animals?

It comes as a surprise to many that buying vegan and cruelty-free products is actually a very effective form of animal welfare activism. A more typical vision that comes to mind when many think of activism, is someone standing on a street corner with a few buddies and some “Fur is Cruel” signs. That’s also activism, just a different form. Here’s how this kind works; by purchasing vegan and cruelty-free lip balm, even just one stick or tube, you’re telling retailers and manufacturers that there’s a market for these animal-friendly products. Demand fuels supply, and with more supply comes more opportunities for everyone (not just vegans!) to purchase cruelty-free and animal-free lip balm, (even if it’s just by accident for non-vegans). Ultimately, the more cruelty-free and vegan products being purchased, the less animal-derived products being purchased. Basically, less demand will ultimately mean less supply! 

Should I get rid of any non-vegan lip balms that I already own?

This is a very controversial topic within the vegan community, and touches on one of the more challenging aspects of transitioning to a vegan and cruelty-free lifestyle. Some options you have are to give away any unused or gently used products to friends and family, or use products (if you’re comfortable doing so) until they have run out or otherwise outlived their usefulness. Simply throwing them away is generally considered wasteful, and we would recommend turning to that only as a last resort. Ultimately, it comes down to what you decide you’re no longer comfortable using, what you can afford to replace immediately, and what you feel can be given away in a hygienic manner.

How do you choose which companies to list?

We keep a growing list of companies that we find, or that are suggested to us, whose lip balms seem to be completely free of animal-derived ingredients and testing. We then contact these companies to find out which products of theirs are suitable for vegans. If they assure us that their lip balms are cruelty-free and suitable for vegans, and they can be purchased on Amazon, then we list those products here for your convenience.

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