All Vegan Shoe Brands

Certified Vegan Shoe Brands

The following brands are certified as 100% vegan by either The Vegan Society or by PETA – meaning none of their footwear contains any animal-based materials, ingredients or by-products, right down to the glues (these certifications mean suppliers for these brands have to sign legal statement of assurance forms guaranteeing that no materials or ingredients are of animal origin).

  • A Perfect Jane (ethically produced, environmentally-focused women’s western-style/cowboy boots)
  • AERA (ethically produced, environmentally-focused luxury women’s footwear)
  • Afroblonde (Australian-based boots, shoes, sandals, hats and accessories made from up-cycled truck canvas tarps)
  • Ahimsa (ethically produced men’s and women’s dress shoes, boots and casual shoes)
  • Aks (fair-trade certified, environmentally-friendly unisex canvas sneakers. Based in California, USA)
  • Alexandra K. (ethically made and highly sustainable women’s shoes and boots. Based in Poland)
  • Arcas Bear (highly sustainable sneakers, dress shoes and boots with speckled soles)
  • Bahatika (ethically produced trendy women’s boots, flats, sneakers with some men’s sneakers)
  • BC Footwear (playful and bold women’s shoes, boots and flats)
  • Beflamboyant (minimalist sneaker brand; sustainable, vegan and fair labour certified)
  • BellaStoria (eclectic men’s and women’s shoes and boots, uses fair labour and reasonably sustainable)
  • Beyond Skin (women’s shoes, boots & sandals in a variety of styles at mid to high price points. Made in Spain)
  • Biankina (sustainably produced women’s sneakers, espadrilles, and sandals)
  • Bohempia (ethically produced unisex hemp sneakers and barefoot shoes)
  • Boobamara (ethically produced Argentinian men’s, women’s and children’s modern and funky shoes)
  • CCILU (Japan-based global shoe brand, made from recycled ocean plastic and coffee grounds)
  • Collection & Co. (London-based, Greek made women’s – and some men’s – modern shoes and bags)
  • Cult of Coquette (Arizona-based fashion-forward heels, pumps, flats and mules)
  • Cynthia King (Brooklyn-based vegan classic ballet slipper brand)
  • Dá Quy (Italian women’s shoes in a variety of styles, ranging from elegant to flashy)
  • Della Terra Shoes (American gender-inclusive shoe brand, balancing trendy designs and sustainability)
  • Dominic & Dempsey (highly sustainable American unisex children’s boot brand)
  • Eco Vegan Shoes (Dutch men’s and women’s footwear brand, with many certified safety and non-slip options)
  • Ella & Witt (highly sustainable German brand making trendy sneakers, with some sandals and boots)
  • Empress of Heels (Netherlands-based charitable brand making elegant, highly sustainable heels and pumps)
  • Empyrean Luxury (India-based brand making bold, edgy shoes and boots at a luxury price point)
  • Ethletic (Germany-based fair trade, sustainable and charitable brand making unisex skate shoes, canvas sneakers and boots)
  • Fairma (Poland-based professional and elegant shoes and boots in the feminine and masculine aesthetics)
  • Freerangers (UK-based men’s and women’s casual shoes, boots and sandals. Made-to-order in England)
  • Friendship Shoes (UK-based unisex brogue and derby shoes and boots. Made in England)
  • Fuego (unisex street dance sneakers. Based in Florida, U.S.A.)
  • Giulia & Romeo (women’s luxury shoes, boots & sneakers. Based in, and made in, Germany)
  • Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather (women’s, men’s & unisex shoes boots & sandals. Based in France, made in the EU & UK)
  • grounded people (unisex canvas sneakers highly focused on ethics, the environment, and transparency. Based in Canada)
  • Gunas (some women’s flats, loafers and sneakers; mostly make women’s and men’s bags. Based in NY, USA)
  • GURU mtp (women’s shoe brand focused on fair labour and conscious consumerism. Based in France)
  • Hexa (women’s professional heels, flats and sandals. Based and made in Thailand)
  • HiGH FEELS (women’s barefoot gladiator sandals, made with fair labour in Spain. Based in Estonia)
  • holster (women’s, including children’s and some unisex, fashionable shoes and sandals. Charitable brand. Based in Queensland, Australia)
  • Hot Chocolate Design (women’s Mary Jane-style flats and heels, with funky limited edition themes. Based in Venezuela)
  • House of Hayla (women’s monochromatic fashionable and elegant footwear. Based in Toronto, Canada)
  • Humans Are Vain (unisex footwear highly focused on sustainability. Based in Sweden, ethically made in Portugal)
  • Hylo (men’s and women’s running and training shoes using innovative & plant-based materials. Based in England, made in China)
  • I WILL RISE (unisex sneakers/skate shoes focused on sustainability, incorporates Ghanian woven cloth. Based in Germany)
  • Impala (women’s, kids’, and men’s roller skates, inline skates & skateboards with a throwback vibe. Based in Melbourne, Australia)
  • Infinite Running (unisex running shoes with replaceable sole modules. Made with fair labour and green energy. Based in Germany)
  • Insecta (unisex adult & kids shoes in a variety of styles, primarily made with up-cycled & recycled materials. Made & based in Brazil)
  • jeane & jax (women’s sandals & casual shoes with a professional aesthetic. Focused on women’s empowerment. Based in Montreal, Canada)
  • JiiJ (women’s shoes and boots made with apple leather, offering larger sizes. Made in Portugal, headquartered in London, England)
  • Kallie & Co. (women’s flats & casual shoes made by artisans in Mexico. Incorporate recycled & natural materials. Based in California, USA)
  • Kave (unisex sneakers with speckled soles. Made with recycled and ‘dead stock’ materials in the Czech Republic)
  • King55 (unisex street-style shoes & boots. Based in and made in Brazil)
  • Komrades (men’s and women’s leather-look & canvas sneakers. Highly sustainable & transparent, made with fair labour. Based in Belgium)
  • KUMI Sneakers (unisex leather-look sneakers made from sustainable materials. Based in Spain, made in Spain)
  • LAMODA (fast-fashion women’s alternative shoes and boots. Based in the UK, made in China)
  • Lapa (women’s shoes, boots, sandals & slippers incorporating eco-friendly materials. Based & made in Brazil, only available in Brazil)
  • Lemon Jelly (injection-molded women’s & children’s footwear. Made with fair labour in Portugal. Based in Portugal)
  • Linus (injection-molded unisex “Birkenstock” style sandals using ‘expanded ecological PVC’. Based & made in Brazil)
  • Love is Mighty (women’s shoes, boots & sandals made by tribal artisans in India. Based in New York, USA)
  • Love Our Planet (women’s sandals, sneakers & boots made with many sustainable materials. Based in Italy, made in China & Myanmar)
  • Lovely Attic & Co. (women’s sandals, shoes & boots. Based in California, USA. Unknown as to where made)
  • LOVJOI (women’s black leather-look boots made with fair labour in Portugal. Based in Germany)
  • Malibu Sandals (men’s and women’s Mexican huarache-inspired sandals and slippers. Based in California, USA. Made in Cambodia)
  • Marzeri Milano (men’s & women’s high-end, elegant dress & casual footwear with bespoke options. Based in Italy)
  • Matt & Nat (women’s & men’s elegant and minimalist shoes, boots & sandals. Based in Montréal, Canada)
  • Melissa & Mini Melissa (women’s and children’s shoes, boots and sandals, made from a proprietary PVC. Based & made in Brazil)
  • Mercy Made (women’s casual & elegant shoes and booties made with recycled PU. Based in Los Angeles, CA, USA, and made in Mexico)
  • Soneha (unisex dress shoes accessible to those with motor function challenges. Based in USA, made in India & Mexico)

“Likely” Fully Vegan Shoe Brands

Although not certified, the following brands are likely to be vegan, as they’ve told us directly, or by way of their public-facing materials, that their footwear doesn’t contain any animal derived materials or ingredients, including in the glues.

Pro Tip: Just because a brand isn’t certified, doesn’t mean it isn’t vegan – brands on this list might be actively pursuing certification, or might choose not to for a variety of reasons, such as the costs involved, which can be prohibitive.

  • 8000 Kicks (hemp-based waterproof athleisure shoes for men and women)
  • All My Eco (unisex leather-look low-top sneakers. Based and made in Spain)
  • Allkind (ethically produced women’s luxury heels, boots and trainers)
  • Arenaria (brightly coloured women’s lace-up/gladiator-style sandals)
  • Astral (highly technical men’s, women’s and children’s wilderness sports shoes, incorporating many eco-friendly materials)
  • AVRE (California-based charitable brand focused on making highly sustainable casual shoes that empower women)
  • B_Boheme (highly sustainable, ethically made small run designer women’s shoes)
  • Ballūta (ethically produced luxury women’s heels, boots, shoes and sandals)
  • Bamburista (ethically made bamboo-based cap toe canvas sneakers for men and women)
  • BANGS Shoes (charitable American brand making unisex cap-toed sneakers)
  • Bego (Canada-based women’s modern shoes and boots made from plant leather)
  • Bhava (professional and elegant women’s shoes, boots and sandals, based in New York, USA)
  • BioWorld (artisan made men’s and women’s clog-style boots, shoes and sandals)
  • Bleed Clothing (sustainably produced men’s and women’s footwear and outerwear)
  • Bohema (sustainably produced women’s – and some men’s – avant-garde footwear from plant leather)
  • Brave Gentleman (ethically produced men’s dress and casual shoes, boots, bags, coats and custom suits)
  • Butterfly Twists (collaboration-heavy women’s shoes, boots and sandals. Based in London, England)
  • Carmona Collection (Mexico-based women’s shoes, sandals and boots made from cactus leather)
  • Cath… Who?! (Germany-based upcycled crawling shoes for infants, toddlers and children, and slippers for adults)
  • Cayumas (Spain-based Venetian slipper shoes for men and women. Eco-friendly, & handmade in Italy)
  • Corda (Utah-based brand partnering with underprivileged Ethiopians to make rope sandals)
  • Dogo (charitable Turkish brand making shoes, boots, sandals, slippers , bags and some clothing, with playful designs)
  • Donnant Donnant (fashion-forward shoe brand from the UK, focused on the female aesthetic)
  • Easy Walk Experience (international design award-winning Portuguese women’s ballerina flat brand)
  • elliott Footwear (London-based climate-positive men’s and women’s sneakers/trainers)
  • Embassy of Bricks & Logs (Small range of fashion-forward, sustainability-minded shoes and boots. Based in Germany)
  • Enda (Kenya-based charitable brand making women’s and men’s running shoes. B Corp Certified company)
  • Estella Verde (Men’s and women’s shoe brand based in Spain, using fair labour & mainly recycled and organic materials)
  • Ethical Wares (UK-based pioneer in vegan footwear making shoes and boots with fair labour; styles ranging from punk to dress)
  • Etiko (Australia-based men’s and women’s certified fair trade, eco-friendly canvas sneakers and thong sandals)
  • FAIR (Portugal-based ethically made men’s and women’s timeless, professional and elegant styles of shoes and boots)
  • Fairticken (Germany-based men’s and women’s shoes, boots & sandals. Made fairly in Portugal)
  • Fera Libens (*Out of business as of 2021 – dress shoes in the masculine aesthetic, and flats, sandals and heels in the female aesthetic. Made in Italy)
  • Flamingos Life (Spain-based retro/vintage unisex sneakers. Highly focused on sustainability & ethically made)
  • Fugu (unisex Japanese-style shoes and boots, including “Ninja boots”)
  • Gentleberg (men’s derbies and sneakers in vegan leather and suede. Based in the Netherlands)
  • Hades Footwear (women’s shoes & boots; makes heavily-adorned alternative designs and styles)
  • Indosole (men’s, women’s and kids’ sandals, mainly made using recycled & natural materials. Made in Indonesia, based in California, USA.)
  • inov-8 (men’s and women’s technical, running, and training shoes. Graphene-infused soles for grip & durability. Based in England)
  • Jo Casal (women’s playful & bold shoes, boots & sandals – many models feature pointed toes. Based in Argentina)
  • Kat Mendenhall (men’s & women’s vegan cowboy & steel-toed boots. Based and made in Texas, USA)
  • Lane Eight (unisex CrossFit-style gym and training shoes incorporating natural & recycled materials. Based in the USA)
  • Loyal Footwear (women’s footwear made-to-order with sustainable materials. Based and made in New Jersey, USA)

“Possibly” Fully Vegan Shoe Brands

The following brands are in sort of a grey area, for a variety of reasons, but largely because they can’t give us a straight answer about what’s in their shoes (usually pertaining to the glues):

  • Ahinsa (ethically produced men’s and women’s barefoot shoes, boots and sandals designed by physiotherapists. Claims to be “100% vegan”, but have informed us they don’t know what’s in their shoe glue)
  • Elephantsity (made-to-order printed shoes & boots at a lower-mid price point. Contributes to elephant-specific charities. Claims to be “100% vegan”, but haven’t replied to numerous requests from us as to what’s in their shoe glue)
  • Méduse (ethically made women’s, men’s and children’s sandals, shoes and boots. They have informed us that they ” do not use any materials of animal origin” and that their “sandals are suitable for vegans”. We are awaiting clarification that this includes their entire footwear catalogue)

“Controversial” Vegan Shoe Brands

The following brands are either fully certified, or are likely to be vegan shoe brands, but have a strong element of controversy to their game (which typically includes human rights negligence/abuse in their supply chain, an abundance of environmental destruction, and/or other forms of unfavourable activity).

  • Kalenji (house running and athletic shoe brand of French sporting goods giant. Kalenji is likely a vegan brand, while Decathlon is not. Decathlon has documented human rights abuses in their supply chain, and over-produces mass amounts of shoes with low-quality, environmentally-harmful materials)

About This List

We gather a list of as many companies as we can, through lists from PETA, bloggers, instagram… wherever we can, and collect them in a big ol’ spreadsheet. We then contact them to ask them a lengthy series of questions regarding their production methods, labour practices, sustainability plans, and of course, the materials they use for their footwear.

P.S. we’re just getting started on this list. We have many, many companies to get through and add! Stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletter via the footer of this page.