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What are ‘vegan’ & ‘cruelty-free’ eyelash products?

The term ‘vegan’ with regard to eyelash products, refers to false eyelashes that are made without animal materials, such as fur or hair, and eyelash adhesives and serums that are made without animal derived or sourced ingredients in their formulations. 

The term ‘cruelty-free’ with regard to eyelash products, generally refers to false eyelashes that use animal hair or fur that was ethically obtained (which is most often a false or misleading claim), as well as eyelash glues and serums that aren’t tested on animals, including the individual ingredients that they’re composed of.

If a lash product foregoes the use of animal materials, ingredients and testing altogether, it is considered to be both vegan and cruelty-free.

What are false eyelashes made of?

False eyelashes (or “falsies”) are commonly made from the following natural and synthetic materials:

  • Silk
  • Mink Fur
  • Sable fur
  • Horse Hair
  • Human Hair
  • Synthetic fibres, such as “faux” mink, silk, etc. (made from acrylic, polyester or other materials)

What’s wrong with using animal hair, fur or silk for false eyelashes?

Many false eyelash companies that use mink fur or horse hair claim that their products use fur or hair that’s “ethically sourced”. The truth is, they might not have a clue. Since the term “ethically sourced” is not regulated, many distributors, and subsequently retailers, simply use such terminology to make people feel comfortable about buying their products. 

The fact of the matter is, when there is animal fur involved, there are generally fur farms involved. Fur farms are truly traffic places for animals to spend their short lives. 

Any animal whose fur or hair is used in eyelashes (as well as brushes or other products) are deprived of everything that is natural and important to them, such as proper socialization, exercise, nutrition and medical care in addition to abuse and mistreatment from the staff that oversee them; minks, sables and horses are no exception. 

As if that weren’t enough, horse hair is commonly obtained from horses who are slaughtered for their meat. This makes the sale of their hair a direct by-product of their slaughter, and contributes to the profit of those who raise horses for their meat, thus enabling the cycle to continue.

And what about silk eyelashes?

To obtain silk, distributors usually boil the worms alive inside their cocoons. Silk worms have been shown to produce endorphins, and have a physical response to pain.

What alternatives are there to using animal sourced lashes?

Your best bet is to use synthetic lashes, which are generally made from acrylic, polyester or other materials. Human hair lashes are also relatively common, although it can be difficult to trust that they are sourced ethically. 

How can eyelash adhesive/glue not be cruelty-free or vegan?

False eyelash adhesives aren't always vegan-friendly. Some contain animal-derived ingredients such as stearic acid, which is a fatty substance that’s often taken from the stomachs of pigs, and sometimes even euthanized pets.

Eyelash adhesives might also not be cruelty-free; many brands test their adhesives on animals, or use ingredients that have recently been tested in animals.

What companies make vegan & cruelty-free false eyelashes and adhesives?

Below is a list of companies that make false eyelashes and adhesives that are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. More companies will be added to this list as we research them:

  • Aether Lashes - (Lashes)
  • Dose of Colors - (Lashes)
  • e.l.f.  Cosmetics - (Lashes/Adhesives)
  • Georgie Beauty - (Lashes/adhesives)
  • House of Lashes - (Lashes/Adhesives)

Are vegan and cruelty-free false eyelashes expensive?

Vegan false eyelashes are generally, although not always, less-expensive that those that use real animal fur, such as mink or horse.

However, it’s important to note that the prices of both vegan and non-vegan false eyelashes can vary based on differences differences in the manufacturing processes employed, different brand names behind them, as well as various other factors.

How do you choose which eyelash products to put in this store?

We maintain a growing list of companies that make false eyelash, adhesives and serums that are reported to be animal-friendly (vegan and cruelty-free). 

We contact all of these companies to find out straight from them if they forego the use animal materials in their lashes and animal ingredients in their serums/adhesives, and (if applicable) to see if they abide by specific cruelty-free practices, including:

  • Not testing their final products or ingredients on animals
  • Not paying someone else to test ingredients or final products on animals for them
  • Not using ingredients that are tested on animals
  • Not selling their products en masse to retailers in countries wherein animal testing is required by law, such as mainland China

When we find vegan eyelash products that meet this set of cruelty-free criteria, and are sold on Amazon, we list it here for your shopping convenience.

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