Aromatherapeutic Body Wash

by Kiss My Face

$20 on Amazon

Let the warm, calming water drench your body. Soothe & calm your mind. Allow the herbs & botanicals to create a sense of composure, a feeling of peace & quietude within your being. Treat yourself to an “intermission” from life. You’ll be ready to face the world again.

More about this Aromatherapeutic Body Wash:

  • Size: 32 Ounces (value-size)
  • Ginseng is rejuvenating
  • Lavender is calming & soothing
  • Fir needle is purifying & healing
  • Less packaging, money, fuel, waste
  • Anti-Stress and aroma-therapeutic
  • Shipping available to Amazon customers with Canada and the United States (please check with supplier for availability to other countries)