Cat...Who?! Vegan Childrens Slippers

Cath... Who?! Is Likely a Fully Vegan Brand

Cath… Who?! claims that their crawling shoes/slippers are vegan. Although they do not currently have any certification to verify it, it is likely that they’re a 100% vegan brand based on the composition and production method (hand sewn) of the shoes.

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Brand Highlights

Katinka Smerda founded Cath... Who?! because she was unable to find crawling shoes for her child that weren't made of animal skins or plastic.

  • Female founded
  • Customizable
  • Hand sewn
  • Machine washable shoes
  • Intentionally vegan
  • Made in Germany
  • Use upcycled materials
  • Sales available on website

About Cath... Who?! Vegan Crawling Shoes

Veganism and upcycling are the main focus of this hand-sewn crawling shoe brand from Germany. Cath... Who?! "... we are super comfortable, vegan slippers made from discarded jeans."

Are Cath... Who?! shoes/slippers intentionally vegan?

Cath... Who?! appears to be an intentionally vegan brand, rather than one that uses vegan materials out of convenience, or for other reasons. The brand says their focus is "especially on the production of vegan slippers".

Are Cath... Who?! shoes eco-friendly/sustainable?

Cath... Who?! crawling shoes/slippers are at least somewhat eco-friendly, as they make use of upcycled denim as the primary upper material. They do use virgin fleece polyester for their fleece lining and virgin vegan leather in their soles, so one area in which they could improve is by replacing those materials with upcycled materials, recycled materials, or natural materials.

Does Cath... Who?! use green shipping methods?

It's unclear from their website if Cath... Who?! uses net-zero or negative emissions shipping partners, either domestically or internationally. We have asked them for clarification and are currently awaiting reply.

Does Cath... Who?! use eco-friendly packaging?

It's unclear from their website if Cath... Who?! uses recycled, recyclable, compostable, or other forms of eco-friendly and sustainable packaging. We have asked them for details regarding the materials they use for packaging, and are currently awaiting reply.

Are Cath... Who?! slippers recyclable or compostable?

It’s unclear from the information available on their website if Cath... Who?!’s slippers are recyclable or compostable. We have asked for clarification from the Cath... Who?! team and are currently awaiting reply.

How should I dispose of my worn out Cath... Who?! slippers?

We have asked the Cath... Who?! team if they currently have, or are developing, a shoe recycling program, and are awaiting reply. In the meantime, we recommend either tying to have them repaired, donating them to someone in need, or taking them to a clothing recycling depot (if available in your city), which can strip them down to their recyclable components.

Where can I buy Cath... Who?! slippers?

For the time being it looks like Cath... Who?! vegan slippers can only be purchased from their website. We've asked if they have plans to work with retailers and are currently awaiting reply.

Do Cath... Who?! slippers ever go on sale?

Yes! There is a “Sale” section of their website, and we noticed sales in the area of 30% when we visited.

What materials are used to make Cath... Who?! slippers?

According to Cath... Who?!, the outer material of their slippers is recycled jeans (at least 90% cotton
). The sole is made of imitation leather (95% polyester/5% cotton), with the lining being either polyester fleece (100% polyester)
, cotton fleece (90% cotton, 10% polyester), or composed of sweat fabric (95% cotton, 5% elastane), with the sock stop being ABS knobs. There are no adhesives used.

Are Cath... Who?! ethically made?

Yes! Brand founder/owner Katinka Smerda hand sews each pair of crawling shoes and slippers herself.

Does Cath... Who?! promote ‘slow fashion’ or a ‘circular economy’?

Cath... Who?! appears to employ some elements of a circular economy, such as using upcycled/recycled materials, and making her items by hand in small batches.

Is Cath... Who?! a charitable company?

We have asked the Cath... Who?! team about any charitable initiatives they're involved with (if any), and are currently awaiting reply, as there is no such information available on their website.

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Cath... Who?! Product Range

Cath... Who?! makes vegan crawling shoes for infants, toddlers and small children, as well as slippers for adults. They use upcycled denim as the main upper material, and embroider playful prints (such as animals or fruit) on each pair.