Cult of Coquette Vegan Pumps and Heels

Cult of Coquette is a Fully Vegan Brand

Cult of Coquette is a fully vegan brand. They’re PETA certified vegan, which means their suppliers and manufacturers have to sign a legal statement of assurance form, stating that no animal by-products (including glues, dyes and solvents) are used in the production of any of their shoes, clothing and accessories.

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Brand Highlights

Founded in 2014 by Bebe Roxana and loved by A-list celebrities, Cult of Coquette is a contemporary women’s shoe line that represents the leading edge of fashionable, cruelty-free footwear. Here are some things that stand out to us about this brand:

  • Upper-mid price point
  • Female-owned brand
  • Female-owned factory
  • Vegan stilettos
  • Vegan bridal shoes
  • Vegan thigh-high boots
  • Fashion-forward
  • Bold and playful styles
  • Professional and elegant styles
  • Discounts available
  • PETA-approved vegan
  • Based in Tucson, AZ, USA

About Cult of Coquette Vegan Shoes

Cult of Coquette is a pioneer in chic vegan heels and pumps. They're a female-owned brand that's set out to prove that you don't have to sacrifice beauty and elegance when choosing vegan.

Are Cult of Coquette shoes eco-friendly?

Cult of Coquette acknowledges that synthetic leather-alternative materials are not without their environmental impact, and because of this, they are dedicated to finding alternative materials from which to produce their shoes as the brand grows.

Does Cult of Coquette use eco-friendly packaging?

It's unclear from their website if Cult of Coquette uses recycled, recyclable, biodegradable, or other forms of eco-friendly and sustainable packaging. We have asked them for details regarding the materials they use for shipping, and are currently awaiting reply.

Does Cult of Coquette use green shipping methods?

It's unclear from their website if Cult of Coquette uses net-zero or negative emissions shipping partners, either domestically or internationally. We have asked them for clarification and are currently awaiting reply.

Are Cult of Coquette shoes ethically made?

The Cult of Coquette website unfortunately doesn't provide much information with regard to where their shoes are made, or if they are made under fair working conditions. It does however, mention that they're made in a 100% female-owned factory that shares the founder's beliefs and vision for an ethically based company. We have asked for further information from the Cult of Coquette team and are awaiting reply.

What are Cult of Coquette shoes made of?

The only information available from their website is that their shoes are made from 100% vegan materials, which include vegan leather and suede, among others. We have asked the Cult of Coquette team for more information about their materials, and are awaiting reply.

Do Cult of Coquette shoes ever go on sale?

Yes! If you visit their website, you'll have no trouble finding either a discount code (by way of a pop-up discount code, or by signing up for their newsletter) or the occasional item, or collection of items, that are on sale. They even have a "Sale" page listed on their website from its footer menu.

Where Can I buy Cult of Coquette shoes?

For the time being it looks like Cult of Coquette shoes can only be purchased from their website. We've asked if they have plans to work with retailers and are currently awaiting reply.

Is Cult of Coquette a charitable company?

We have asked the Cult of Coquette team about any charitable initiatives they're involved with, and are currently awaiting reply, as there is no such information available on their website.

Are Cult of Coquette shoes recyclable or biodegradable?

It’s unclear from the information on their website what the end-of-life plan is for their shoes. We’ve asked the Cult of Coquette team if they have any current or future plans as to how their shoes and bags can be diverted from the landfill once they’ve worn out, and are currently awaiting reply.

Does Cult of Coquette follow a slow-fashion method?

It's unclear which slow fashion (ethically made, long-lasting, small batch production) or circular economy principles Cult of Coquette follows as a brand. We have asked them for any details regarding this, and are currently awaiting reply.

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Range Of Shoes Made By Cult Of Coquette

Making open-toed heels, pumps, mules, and flats in a range of colours, prints, styles, colours and media, Cult of Coquette continues to push forward with new styles. Here's a quick look at their current range:

  • Glass slippers
  • Vegan cheetah pumps
  • Vegan leopard pumps
  • Velvet pumps
  • Vegan suede pumps
  • Satin pumps
  • Stilettos
  • Sling backs
  • Vegan patent leather pumps
  • Vegan snake pumps
  • Glass pumps
  • Gold Pumps
  • Crystal pumps
  • Gold mules
  • Satin mules
  • Glass mules
  • Bow heels
  • Sandal heels
  • knotted flats
  • Thigh-high boots
  • Faux fur sliders
  • Leopard flat mules
  • Bow mules
  • Bridal heels