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Duuo is Not a Fully Vegan Brand

Duuo claims to be a “vegan and eco trainer brand,” and while most of their shoes don’t contain any materials of animal origin (including in the glues), some of their shoes contain 70% recycled wool, so technically the brand itself is not fully vegan. We have also reached out to Duuo to get clarification as to whether or not the “70% recycled wool” they use is combined with virgin wool, and are awaiting reply.

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Brand Highlights

Duuo is a mostly vegan, Barcelona-based casual shoe/trainer brand that incorporates a variety of eco-friendly materials into its designs. The introduction of their "Second Life" line is indicative of the brand's efforts to become more and more sustainable as time goes on.

  • Based in Barcelona, Spain
  • Incorporates eco-friendly materials
  • Unique aesthetic
  • Strives to improve its sustainability
  • Most shoes are vegan
  • Makes kids' shoes

About Duuo

Duuo's stated mission is to make "vegan and eco" shoes to "promote sustainable mobility, protect the environment and have fair working conditions in their factories and sales outlets." They do however, include 70% recycled wool in some of their shoes (it will mention in the product description) and seem to use as many non-eco-friendly materials as they do eco-friendly ones. We have reached out to Duuo to get clarification as to whether or not the "70% recycled wool" they use is combined with virgin wool, and are awaiting reply.

What materials are used to make Duuo shoes?

Duuo uses a variety of materials to make their shoes, with some being quite environmentally-friendly, and others not so much. Depending on the specific model, Duuo might include eco-friendly materials such bamboo biomass, recycled PET (polyester), and 100% natural rubber, or not-so eco-friendly materials, such as nylon, phylon, and eva. They use cotton for their laces, with no visible certification that it's organic. Of important note, is that their adult-sized COL HIKING line, as well as other assorted shoes they make, contain "70% recycled wool from industrial processes" - which is not technically vegan (aside from it being of animal origin, recycled wool might in some cases directly support the wool industry by way of providing wool producers with a side-stream income for their scraps), and the 70% may or may not be supplemented with 30% virgin wool (we are awaiting reply on this). Duuo has informed us that their glue does not contain any animal-derived ingredients.

Are Duuo shoes eco-friendly/sustainable?

While heavily marketed as sustainable, some models of Duuo shoes do contain an assortment of materials that aren't quite eco-friendly. Duuo does not share any verified data on their website to validate their sustainability claims, with the only evidence of them being sustainable being the inclusion of some natural and/or recycled materials. It's worth noting that they are continuing to improve their sustainability efforts; their new "Second Life" line has 90% sustainable materials, according to the brand, which include a seaqual lining, a corn bio-mass pull tag, and a recycled PU/microfibre overlay. Some of their new models however, only claim to have "15% sustainable materials".

Does Duuo use green shipping methods?

It's unclear from their website if Duuo uses net-zero or negative emissions shipping partners, either domestically or internationally. We have asked them for clarification, and are currently awaiting reply.

Does Duuo use eco-friendly packaging?

It's unclear from their website if Duuo uses recycled, recyclable, compostable, or other forms of eco-friendly and sustainable packaging. We have asked them for details regarding the materials they use for packaging, and are currently awaiting reply.

How should I dispose of my worn out Duuo shoes?

We have asked the Duuo team if they currently have, or are developing, a shoe recycling program, and are awaiting reply. In the meantime, we recommend either trying to have them repaired, donating them to someone in need, or taking them to a clothing recycling depot (if available in your city), which can strip them down to their recyclable components.

Where can I buy Duuo shoes?

Duuo shoes can be purchased from multiple sources, including their website; Amazon; their branded stores in Spain (Viladecans & Igualada), and through their own app.

Do Duuo shoes ever go on sale?

Yes! On their website, they currently have a "40% off" section, with several models being discounted. Their newsletter does not appear to offer a discount code upon subscription.

Are Duuo shoes ethically made?

Duuo claims to "have fair working conditions in our factories and sales outlets," although they don't communicate where exactly their shoes are made. Some countries can all but guarantee fair working conditions, while others may be case by case. We have asked the Duuo team for clarification, and are currently awaiting reply.

Does Duuo promote ‘slow fashion’ or a ‘circular economy’?

Duuo appears to employ some elements of a circular economy, such as including recycled and natural materials, and claiming to employ fair labour. Some areas in which they could improve is by using a 'made-to-order' production system, which could cut down on production waste, and supporting their sustainability claims with data.

Are Duuo shoes recyclable or compostable?

It’s unclear from the information available on their website if Duuo’s shoes are recyclable or compostable. We have asked for clarification from the Duuo team, and are currently awaiting reply.

Is Duuo a charitable company?

We have asked the Duuo team about any charitable initiatives they're involved with (if any), and are currently awaiting reply, as there is no such information available on their website.

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Duuo Vegan Product Range

Duuo makes men's, women's and children's casual shoes and trainers in a variety of bold, funky designs. Most of their shoes are fully vegan, with the exception of their adult-sized COL HIKING shoe line (the children's line does not), as well as other assorted shoes, which contain recycled wool (any shoes that contain recycled wool will say so in their product description on the Duuo website). Their vegan product range currently includes the following types of shoes:

  • Platform sneakers
  • Flat sneakers
  • Wedge sneakers
  • Chunky trainers
  • Retro sneakers
  • High-top sneakers
  • "Sock effect" shoes
  • "Sock effect" boots