Vegan Shoes by Non-Vegan Brands

Below is a list of companies that aren’t fully vegan, but make vegan shoes, boots, sandals, and/or other forms of footwear that we haven’t even heard of yet. This list may include brands where all of their footwear is vegan, even if they have non-vegan clothing, accessories or other products, and brands where some of their footwear is vegan, and some of it isn’t. Here she goes!

  • Ecoalf (all shoes are fully vegan – brand makes some sweaters with recycled wool)

About This List

We gather a list of as many companies as we can, through lists from PETA, bloggers, instagram… wherever we find them, and collect them in a big ol’ spreadsheet. We then contact them to ask them a lengthy series of questions regarding their production methods, labour practices, sustainability plans, and of course, the materials they use for their footwear.