5 Vegan Shoe Brands Based in California

More and more vegan shoe brands are popping up these days, with the United States are now being home to several of them, many of which are based in California – we’ve chosen to highlight 5 of them here.

Please Note: The companies below are either certified vegan, or have confirmed with us that there are absolutely no animal-derived ingredients in their shoes, boots, sandals or other products… right down to the glues!

1. Arcas Bear

Arcas Bear Black slip-on vegan shoes
Arcas Bear contributes to One Tree Planted

Arcs Bear is a company that cares deeply about animals, the environment, and the people that make and wear their shoes. They are one of the most certified companies we’ve come across yet, in terms of their level of animal-friendliness, fair labour, and sustainability.

Made in: Portugal

Made for: Unisex

Ethics: Fair labour; PETA-approved vegan; PETA-certified cruelty-free; Charitable (One Tree Planted)

Sustainability: Part of the F.A.K.E. movement; GOTS certified organic cotton; many recycled and natural materials

Range: High-top sneakers; low-top sneakers; ankle boots; booties; cowboy booties; dress shoes; gym shoes; slip-on shoes

Price Range: $$-$$$



AVRE recycled PET 3D knit to shape shoes
AVRE shoes are made using 3D knit-to-shape tech

By using eco-friendly and innovative animal-free materials, and donating 10% of their proceeds to causes that directly support their dual missions, AVRE is breaking the age-old cycle of using fashion as a vehicle to exploit animals, workers, customers and the planet.

Made in: Dong Guan, China

Made for: Women

Ethics: Charitable (contributes to “Girls in Tech” & “Oceana”); pursuing fair labour certification

Sustainability: Algal bloom insoles; made from recycled PET bottles; no scraps created using 3D “knit-to-shape” production

Product Range: Walking shoes; no-tie shoelace shoes; slip-on shoes; chunky-heeled shoes; athleisure shoes

Price Range: $$-$$$


3. Indosole

Indosole recycled tire vegan sandals
Indosole uses recycled tires & natural rubber

Founded in 2009 by Kyle Parsons, Indosole makes minimalist sandals from recycled tires, recycled shoes (new line), natural rubber, and some virgin materials, such as nylon. They typically sell in a mid-range price point, and are available worldwide through a large network of retailers.

Made in: Bali, Indonesia

Made for: Men; women; children

Ethics: B Corp Certified

Sustainability: Made primarily with recycled tires and natural rubber

Product Range: Flip-flops; slides; cross-strap sandals; thong sandals

Price Range: $$-$$$


4. Kallie & Co.

Kallie & Co. is focused on female empowerment

Kallie & Co. is focused on female empowerment – they work with artisans in Mexico, exclusively employ military wives (non-shoe making team) and contribute to Good 360.

Made in: Mexico

Made for: Women

Ethics: PETA-approved vegan; charitable (Good 360); employ military spouses; work with artisans

Sustainability: Made with “recycled materials and fair-trade fabrics and threads”

Product Range: Flats; mules; low-top casual shoes; dress shoes

Price Range: $$


5. Soneha

Soneha focuses on accessible footwear

Founded in 2021, Soneha uses innovative Desserto® organic cactus leather to make accessibility-focused unisex dress shoes, that help address challenges that people with low motor skills face.

Made in: Mexico & India

Made for: Unisex

Ethics: PETA-approved vegan; charitable (Indian charity Sadeeve – focused on alleviating poverty)

Sustainability: Made with organic cactus leather; recycled rubber soles; eco-friendly packaging

Product Range: Accessible dress shoes

Price Range: $$$


5 companies not enough? We get it, but don’t worry – if you want to see more, check out our All Vegan Shoe Brands page to browse through more than 100 certified and non-certified vegan shoe company profiles.

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