Top 10 Vegan Valentine’s Day Essentials

Top 10 Vegan Valentine's Day Essentials

Nothing is more romantic, or sexier, than not harming animals on Valentine’s Day. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the Top 10 vegan Valentine’s Day Essentials.

We’ve taken the guess work out of veganizing your Valentine’s Day this year; we’ve chosen some classic gifts like chocolate, some sensual gifts like massage oil, as well as some unique items, like personalized vegan necklaces.

So let your inner animal out without worrying about doing harm to other animals in the process.


1. Vegan Dark Chocolate – Sjaak’s

Vegan dark chocolate contains phenylethylamine (PEA), which stimulates the same hormone your body releases during sex. It also sparks dopamine production in the brain…like you need another excuse to eat chocolate.

Sjaak's Vegan Dark Chocolate Valentine's Day
Sjaak’s Vegan Dark Chocolate


2. Vegan Candles – Aira Soy Candles

It’s a proven fact that candles turn everyone on around them when they’re lit. They are the undisputed mood setting champion, and create an ambiance that’s second to none. Candles that are free of harmful chemicals and animal by-products are that much sexier.

Aira Soya Vegan Valentine's Day Candles
Aira Soya Vegan Candle


3. Vegan Lubricant – überlube

Intimacy, anticipation and contentment are what you should feel when you and your Valentine are in the mood for romance, not guilt over using products that contain animal-derived ingredients. Fortunately, überlube has created a product that removes friction, and animal testing.

uberlube vegan & cruelty free personal lube
überlube – vegan personal lubricant


4.Vegan Massage Oils – Various Brands

Soothing, relaxing and sensual, there’s little more that needs to be said about a Valentine’s Day massage. Get some oil involved, and there’s even less that needs to be said.

Vegan and Cruelty Free Massage Lotions for Valentine's Day
Vegan & cruelty-free massage lotions


5.Vegan Wine – Cave Spring/Van Ruiten

Many wines aren’t vegan…talk about a V-Day buzz-kill. Animal by-products such as casein, chitin, egg albumen, fish oil, gelatin and isinglass are often used as fining agents to remove protein, yeast and general cloudiness form wine. Fortunately, wineries such as Cave Spring (Ontario), and Van Ruiten (California) are producing high-quality, animal-friendly wines.

Cave Spring Vegan Merlot & Van Ruiten Vegan Zinfandel
Left: Cave Springs Merlot – Right: Van Ruiten Zinfandel

Want to know if your favourite wine is vegan? Head over to and look through their impressive and extensive database.


6. Edible Massage Candle – Earthly Body

You could get massage oil, and you could get a candle…but this vegan candle melts INTO an edible massage oil? How perfect is that?

Earthly Body Edible Massage Oil Candle
Earthly Body hemp seed edible massage oil/candle


7. Homemade Lava Cake – Minimalist Baker

As easy way to show your Valentine how much you care, is to make them some lava cake. Simple, but true. Dana from the Minimalist Baker has created an extraordinarily easy and delicious vegan lava cake.

Vegan Chocolate Lava Cake Valentine's Day
Photo Credit: – Vegan chocolate lava cakes

Tip from St. Valentine himself: Put that extra Valentine’s Day touch on it by baking it in a heart-shaped ramekin.


8. LoVegan (Love Vegan) – Sam Turnbull

Sam Turnbull of has created these cute vegan shirts, totes, and accessories that make heart warming V-day gifts… for not just your love, but your friends and family too!

LoVegan shower curtain - Sam Turnbull from
LoVegan shower curtain – Sam Turnbull


9. Jewelry Promoting Vegansim – Christy Robinson

Christy Robinson from Dallas, Texas creates jewelry that promotes veganism in a cute and approachable way using recycled metals. These creations make great V-Day gifts, and help spread vegan love in a stylish way.

Christy Robinson Design - Recycled Metal Vegan Jewelry on Etsy
Photo Credit: Christy Robinson Design – Etsy


10. Vegan Condoms – Sir Richard’s

Free of animal-derived materials, as well as harmful substances such as glycerin, parabens, petrochemicals and spermicide, Sir Richard’s condoms are vegan-certified and PETA-approved, with minimal latex odour.

Sir Richard's vegan cruelty free condoms
Sir Richard’s vegan condoms

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